This Friday is "Force Friday", AKA "Rogue  Friday." That will be the day that the new Rogue One merchandise will hit shelves, as well as toys from the other eras but have the Rogue One packaging! To celebrate, I decided to do Star Wars week.

So to start off, I thought I'd take a look at my Star Wars Black figures and why I chose that particular figure since I have so few.
 Obi-Wan Kenobi. I wish I could say there was a great reason but I found him at Wal-Mart for under $10. That is why. Now, I am glad I have him because I have at least one figure from each trilogy now. That and he looks great with Rey as her outfit looks like Jedi robes! :)
 Ok not really. This is Luke in Stormtrooper disguise. Though I  usally keep him as a stormtrooper. To this day I wonder why I only bought him as FYE also had Han when I bought Luke and could afford both!
 The First! Prototype Boba Fett was my first Star Wars black figure almost two years ago! He also is a great shame of mine as an unfinished review got posted on my first toy blog and I never did finish it. I fix that wrong tomorrow :)
 Scout Trooper with Speeder bike.
 I bought him on clearance at TRU (left Jabba) and never regretted it since.
The Scout trooper is cool, but I have always loved the speeder bikes and love having this 6 inch scale version!
Ironically, the only Force Awakens figure that I currently own not in the Micro Machines, Jakks Pacific Big Fig (18 Inch), or Playskool's Galactic Heroes scales. I got her because I wanted BB-8 and planned to get more, but never could find them when I had money. I eventually just lost interest. I am after the 3 3/4 this time so that should be fine, but there are at least two in 6 inch that I want so we shall see. The lightsaber is NOT hers. It is from a 3 3/4 figure, that is how out of scale those are as it looks great with her!

 So that is a quick look at my Star Wars black figures. More Star Wars Week fun to come.


  1. I keep meaning to pick up some of the Black figures (mainly Greedo and slave Leia) but have yet to do so.

    1. Hey,Greedo and Leia aren't black....

    2. What prevents me is that they are hard to find. I wanted quite a bit and planned to get them but Hasbro made them so hard to find....

    3. The Kmart in my area has them constantly but they also charge $25.00 each so they can keep them lol

    4. lol but thats what i think i paid for Luke at FYE lol


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