This is day two of Star Wars week. Almost two years ago I launched the prototype form of this blog, in fact that blog now links to this one. A review that I never finished got posted by accident and I promised to post the review. That never did happen, so I decided two years late is
better than never right? That is why unlike yesterday when I showed my 6 inch Star Wars figures, I decided to focus on Fett here.

 If you know Star Wars black figures, you know this guys articulation.  Like many figures of today he is well articulated and can be put in many poses. He came with a gun that is long misplaced, but I display him with a set of Masters of the Universe Classics weapons, but more on that later! His head sculpt is pretty accurate. I should say that as far as I know, this is the exact same figure as the regulas Boba Fett figure, just white. So why is this the prototype Boba? In the begining Boba was going to be an elite Stormtrooper and not a bounty hunter. That is why he is so stormtrooper like in the colors here. I honestly prefer this version and have him as a stormtrooper in my canon.
 His cape like thing is non removeable but is cloth, which is cool.
 Like the Boba we know, he has a jetpack.
 Which is now removeable unlike the 80s toy.
 HE has a hole that it snaps into.
 The sculpt is pretty cool. Obviously since this guy is supposed to be all white there are minimal paint apps but it works. The weapons that I use are Draego Man's from MOTUC. I should point out that these were cost cutted from the Draego Man figure though. So if you want them they are in the Weapon's Pack that has a gray Zoar in it (bird). Boba here is long gone from Walgreens but  was an exclusive there and I do recommend him.
Whew! I just righted a wrong from almost two years ago. LOL. Tomorrow, let's get Micro!


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