Well, its that time again, Pop Culture League Time! This week's is right up my alley:

Buying Blind

Who doesn’t love gambling on a blind box or mystery package?
Anyone that has been following me for awhile (like on my YouTube) knows that  I get Blind bags. In fact I occasionally do a feature I call Mystery Wednesday on my YT. I'll show some of finds from blind bags and/ or boxes in just a minute, but let me tackle the question first.
While I love Blind bags to an extent the whole not knowing what you are getting can be annoying to be honest. When your talking $3-$4 that is fine (and a great way to add items to a shelf) but once you go higher its trickier. I do not get the subscription boxes like Loot Carate (though I have been tempted by Funko's version of loot crate) and I rarely even get the Funko Mystery boxes in stores. I remember one time I bought the Horror Mystery Minis. I like the selection except the two clowns and Sam from Trick or Treat. I only got two, any guesses on who I got? So when in regards to blind bags I'm all for it, but anything more? As I said that is tricky. Full disclosure here: I do occasionally buy blind boxes like this guy I just bought this month. 

Here are a few other blind bag figures that I've pulled:
 A quick display I made just for this article to cut down on photos
 Funko, could not find my Garbage Pail Kid, currently reworking the room.
 Care Bears! Moose Toys! Imaginext! Godzilla! Ghostbuster! Lego! Nightmare Before Christmas! Batman!
 These  all are the actual displays (minus the Wal-Mart bag in the background of the Shopkins!)
 Ny other "great regret" (the horror being the other). This was $13 and unlike the figures also in the set (which are worth the price I hear) this is NOT articulated NOT even at the wheels!
 The only way I get the Nick Turtles Megablok figures is blind bag!
 My favorite blind bag series of all time (except Necca's ET and Godzilla) is this series of Jurassic World  Dinos.
Lastly hears Pac-Man!
The sad thing? This isn't even all of them lol. By the way on some like the Legos and Imaginext, I purposely did not do close-ups due to articles in my upcoming "31 Days of Halloween!"

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  1. blast it I didnt even think about my Imaginext and shopkins!hey if you want to trade those Funko horrors you dont like I think we might be able to work something out just let me know what you interested in.

    1. Saw that you added other blind bag items in your post, and yeah I love Imaginext. They are cheap and fuel my nostalgia. Like the Power Rangers and the monsters remind me of the Burger King Universal Monsters. Man, I hope to ind them again someday.

      Yeah I'd be interested. Might have to be a little while though because I am having issues with packages and the post office (no problems if it can fit in the mail box though, just issues with bigger ones.) Ironically no problems with Fed ES or UPS since they come upstairs.

      As you have seen glimpses, I like a little bit of everything. If I were to say things I am looking for.. 80s happy meal toys, muscles, battle beasts, M.A.S.K. figures, G.I. Joe (any), MOTU, etc, but as I said I like just about everything BUT Zombies. They terrify me. Which is ironic as I got stuck with 2 lego zombies. lol I am not that picky.

    2. cool ! Ill get some stuff together and send you some pictures over in the next few days .As it works out Sam is one of my favorite horror characters.

    3. Ill post pics of some stuff here: http://toy-disorderly.freeforums.net/thread/168/brothermiddnights-piles-stufff

  2. I have some of those K'Nex Pac-Man figures too! Got them on clearance at Toys R Us last Christmas! Nice collection.

    1. lol, I got mine on clearance at TRU as well lol, not pictured is my red Ghost and the bonus ghosts.


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