Since I wanted to let everyone know what is going on and didn't want to wait until Monday, this week you get 7 posts (there will be another post on Sunday!

 First of all, you might notice that I changed my blog's  name. It was brought to my attention that a store website uses Collector's Universe. So to avoid any confusion, I changed my blog to "Alexis' Universe." Nothing will change and for the time being, I will keep the Collector's Universe. blogspot universe. When I was a YouTube channel, it didn't matter but now as a blog there could be some confusion.

 Next up, a quick article that I decided to add in so that you aren't dragged here for just an update :)

In 1994,John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Elizabeth Perkins, Rosie O'Donell, Halle Berry, and many more starred in the live action Flintstones Movie! Predictably, there was a happy meal promotion over at McDonalds! From what I can tell there were 5 building with car toys (and I have two) and an under 3 toy! Those 5 toys were Fred with Bowling Alley, Betty and Bamm Bamm with Store, Wilma in the Flintmobile with a building and these two. The Under 3 toy was the CGI Dino.
 I found the orange toystore and because I did research on happy meal toys I knew there was a figure that went with it. The Toys R us building was 99 cents and the car was able to be put in a 2.99 bag.
 The next day I was at our other Goodwill and found the gray building (with figure in it) in the 2.99 bag area so got both of these for under 3 bucks (if you count the fact that I got other toys in the 2.99 bags!)
 They open up as shown and you can see that I have Barney in his car and Dino driving Pebbles on a scooter! Classic! The Toy store had its decals on it but Barney did not. I think it might be his house but have no clue!
 I also found this yellow brontosaurus like dinosaur! He is from Post cereal and was in boxes like Fruity Pebbles!  There were a lot of these it turns out and many including this fellow were issued in a a variety of colors!
 I got him in the 2.99 bag with Pebbles!
 i also got this Wacky Races like car at Goodwill. I loved the fact that it had Magilla Gorilla and Secret Squirrel driving. Even cooler, I did not notice until I got home, but the car itself is one of my favorite characters! Speed Buggy! Sadly he is missing one eye and the other is going. :(
 The bomb actually is on a string. I believe these were at Hardees. I had the Yogi as a kid.
That's it for this special weekend article. Another weekend article later tonight!


  1. Love the Wacky Races car!I've been thinking about changing my sites name.Seems like there is a pretty prominent Youtube that goes by the same name.

    1. Yeah that car is my fav out of these and there is. They have been doing the channel (and website I believe) for many years and they are also the people who run October Toys.


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