I am a huge fan of the Muppets, so when I found these at Goodwill sometime back, I was excited.
Lets start with the Sesame Street Book. Unlike the other two, I actually owned this one.
This book was originally posted in 1977, that is a year before I was even born. 
 Basically the story was about Cookie Monster finding a cookie tree. Spoiler: He eats all of the cookies in the end!
 Unfortunately; someone had cut a picture out of the book :(
 Thankfully as you can see, it didn't remove any of the story. Other than this, there was no other damage to the book. Though I will admit that due to memories of this book, I would have bought it even if I had noticed the cut.
Here is a non blurry image of the cut page.
This was a Golden book (man I loved Golden as a kid) and as you can see from the back here, they had a lot of licenses!

Next up are two of three Muppet Babies books that McDonalds had at one time as a promotion. I have not read these yet.
 On an interesting note, I had just found out about these books just earlier that day while looking at past McDonalds toys. So I knew there were 3 and looked but only found a second Kermit and me that I left behind, but I was still excited to have 2 of the 3!
 As you can see, the back and front are one big image and here is something else that is cool....
 The covers actually reflect what is going on in the book! I am so used to that not being the case so this was interesting to me (though I guess most do, but I'm used to comic covers as I do not read books often.)
 Sorry that Piggy's book is blurry.
 But this interior image came out clear.
Looks like Animal is the villain in this book, interesting.
So that is a look at a few books that I found at Goodwill!


  1. I hate finding pictures cut out of books :/

    1. Oh I agree, this is why I have passed on so many books. This one in particular, I did not notice and probably would have left if I did, but glad that I got it as it is not that bad a cut.

  2. I go to this one place to buy my groceries,and they have the newer Golden Books starring Marvel Superheroes.They're pretty cool looking and super tempting.

    1. I haven't seen them and glad that I haven't cause I'd be buying up any and all licensed new goldens lol.


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