Labor Day

 I'm not feeling great and have not been able to take pictures and unfortunately the pics I had taken before I got sick are on a computer that won't start. so brand new articles are coming as soon as possible. :)

On a side note Happy Labor day. Alas the summer season traditionally ends today (though technically it continues until September 22,the first day of fall).

 I know not everyone celebrates it, but thought it'd be fun to share pics I have taken over the years. all except the pigeon were taken here in Indiana during the last 3  years. The pigeon was photographed in san francisco three years or so ago. The last one was taken by my ex-roommate.

A small water fall at White River.
 A little pond with frogs in it at Minnitrista.
Red fox that scared me.
A stray trying to get into my old apartment.
A different stray, this one I adopted.... Kara
Guess it won't be much longer until I get to do this :)