My frog display is probably my oldest collection that I started and due to this, there are many memories associated with it. Unlike most of my other collections, this collection has many gifts from other people in it.
 So how about some quick background? As a kid I loved frogs in fact they were my favorite animal back then (they are #2 now, the platypus is # 1 lol). I used to catch them and kept them in cages :( but I was a kid then. My first major frog collectible was a giant frog stuffed animal that was actually my mom's when she was younger. It looked more like a salamander body wise but had a frog head and webbed feet. Sadly I lost that long ago. :(
 Many years later in San Francisco, I had a hard time keeping stuff because i was homeless but i managed to hold on some frog stuff. When I got permanent housing there, I did not get much more, but once I moved to Indiana, I did. most of my collection was purchased here in Indiana and as i said, there are quite a few that were gifts or became mine by default(like the bathroom stuff I got when my ex friend and I moved away from each other years ago).


 Starting on the wall in the back,you can see my craft frogs and a Valentine decoration. The two green frogs were in the crafting section at Wal-Mart and i bought them because they were cheap and looked good. That is also why i bought the sun catcher. Ironically, he had been lost for over a year because he was on a shelf and due to being clear, i could not find him in the dark closet. The Valentines Day decoration was from a four pack i believe. I got it at Dollar Tree.
Next up, we have a broken thermometer that instead of tossing, i just added to my collection.
 Also on the wall, we have a fog prince pillow that I got at Toys R Us and next to him are two (2) frog related Golden Guides.
 On a side note, I will eventually show my Golden Guide collection. I am nowhere near having the complete collection or all of the ones that i had as a child but i'm getting there.
 Next up we have a garden decoration, a bathroom cup behind him, a toothbrush holder, 2 Ty beanie babies ( normal size and a McDonalds one), a Littlest pet shop frog from the blind bags and 3 colored frogs from a 4-pack at Dollar Tree. The regular sized Ty Beanie Baby was a gift from a neighbor and the cup and toothbrush holder were from the aforementioned move.
 inside the cup we have a dog toy that i bought for the neighbor's dogs to play with at my house, a frog holding a rose, a dog wearing a frog shirt, and a "70's" frog plush. The rose frog and dog were gifts and the 70's frog I got at GoodWill.
 Here is a close-up of the "Dollar Tree" frogs and the LPS frog.
 In front of the soap dispenser (better pic of the dispenser coming up) we have a New Years light up frog that an ex gave me while we were dating, a purple frog and a green frog that I got at GoodWill, and a broken frog inside a garden decoration (both of which were gifts from a neighbor).
  A frog I bought in San Francisco and a frog an ex gave me in SF (the NYe one was also from SF but a different ex), a green frog I got at Goodwill, and two frogs that light up when hit that i got at Family Dollar.
 Family Dollar frog water bottle.
 Ivy Tech Plush frog that was a gift from Cassie (she did Collector's Talk with me on my yt channel) and that garden decoration I mentioned that was given to me by a neighbor.
 A book I got in San Francisco I believe and a horned lizard that I got at Goodwill. Before anyone says anything I know its a lizard and not a frog but thought it was cute to add as its nickname is the horned toad.
 Here's a pic of my collection that's on the shelf. So that's my frog display as of now. i plan to add much more of my collections here, so stay tuned. Below are more pictures of this display. in October, catch my Ghostbusters display!


  1. That's alot of frogs,my man.Now all you need is a couple of D&D PVC frogs to defend the collection ;)

    1. I have toyed with the idea of adding in the Newtralizer from the current TMNT line as he is an amphibian like a frog! Probably will if I ever I find the frogs from the new line or even the old line :) And yeah its a lot of frogs and I just bought a new one yesterday at Goodwill lol.

  2. BTW- I'm not sure If you have NETFLIX or not,but there Is a cool series premiering on there called Frogs of Kulipari.I saw the first episode last night and It's pretty damn cool!


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