It's time to do another look at the various kid meal toys that I have gotten recently! This time we take a look at 10 of them rather than the normal 4! This is due to my up coming Halloween celebration and thought I should get more out of the way as I have lots more which I will delve into in November AND their is one last fast Food Toys before the Star Wars Week and 31 days of halloween begins and that one is Disney and has the normal Four!

First lets look at the Burger King Justice League Batman. I am missing his stand but still think this toy from 2003 is awesome! i also have Superman, which I will look at in the future, minus his comet. The most interesting thing about this Batman is that he has two capes or at least my version does.
  I was shocked to discover that I was a fan of Howie Mandal before I  even knew it. Sure he was in the live action scenes of Bobby's World but I was a kid. Also he was the voice of Gizmo! This Bobby was available at McDonalds back when the show was on the air. I had one of these but not this one as a kid. I believe mine was a tricycle figure.
 I have been wanting a G.I.Joe scale Action Man for some time so when I saw this McDonalds version I had to get him even without the weapons. He is now with my joes against cobra.
Princess Toadstool- er Peach here is from a Mario Cart related McDonald's happy meal. I also have the stickers but chose not to apply them as she looks good this way in my opinion. I found her and a crocodile that is from Disney Animal Kingdom still bagged.
Miss Piggy! I love this "floating" toy from McDonalds. I hate the movie it is based on however. Its from "Muppet Treasure Island" and is the only Muppet movie that I absolutely hated (unless you count "Elmo in Grouchland" but that can be forgiven as it is Sesame Street.)
"Down in Fraggle Rock!" Red here is not only from Fraggle Rock, but is one of only two toys in this article that I actually owned before. I loved this show, the cartoon? Not so much. I remember watching it on HBO and then Disney.
Doc here is off to sell his Diamond. He like Red, I owned before. He is from a Snow White happy meal. I also found the well that Snow White came with and am now kicking myself for not getting it!
Cheetor is from the McDonald's Beast Machines line. I was so ecxcited to find him because I am such a huge fan of Beast Wars and have lost my figures over the year. So he is on the same shelf as Waspinator from the Generations line!
 Dr. Mindbender is from a G. I. JOE Happy Meal and is from either Spy Troops or Valor v. Venom. I love this figure and also have a Cobra Commander copter (minus propeller) as well. I still hate myself for forgetting to get Duke.

I was going to do a full article on this one. I decided against it due to the controversy. Some people online have perverted Mac Tonight and made him a racist and therefore I pulled the article. I remember this promotion and the ads. I always thought it was odd (even as a kid) that they made the spokesperson for adults to go to McDonalds at night a toy in a kids meal. I did not have this particular one, but I did have him in a car I believe. Also odd, he played a piano but none of the toys had him at a piano. Over seas, he has a made a comeback twice (notably just this year) but has yet to return to the states.
That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this look at Happy Meal toys. Next Week will be Disney and then I have one in October planned. :)


  1. Love those Fraggles toys! I keep meaning to buy another full set of them because I don't feel like digging any of my old ones out lol

    1. lol. I just found a Muppet Baby today! :O That now makes 1 fraggle, 4 sesame, and 3 muppets I believe lol. One day I hope to complete the fraggle set.

  2. There were two different Fraggle Rock releases,no?The one you have there seems smaller than the ones I remember.Great collection.I keep meaning to start up a premiums collection.I've got some of the Muppet Babies.I'm looking to pick up some of the old Stomper trucks McDonald's offered in there Happy Meals.

    1. I found Baby Kermit minus his skateboard just earlier today! Yes there were two releases - sort of. There was a limited release (test) in one city I believe and that had a doozer. One year later saw the nationwide release minus the doozer and the addition of a fraggle.


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