Today is just a random selection of fast food toys from the years that I have found. I should mention that although I decided to do this because of the random stuff I find, it is kind of similar to a feature that Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula has (five random toys).

First up I have a figure from Burger King's Back To The Future III or cartoon line.  This has seen better days but it is Einstein in the train. I actually had this toy as a kid but had forgotten completly about it until I did research, when I saw him at Goodwill I knew he was familiar but still had no clue that I had him.
 Next is Wonder Pig! So a little background info is needed, McDonalds did a promotion in the 80s or 90s that was a cross between the Justice League and the Looney Tunes. For those who do not know, DC Comics (who publish JLA) and Looney Tunes are both owned by Warner Bros.
 I had 3 of the 4 as a kid: Bat Duck (Daffy), Taz as the Flash (Tasmanian Devil) and this one Wonder Pig (Petunia). Unfortunately she is missing her armor which snapped on but still glad to add her to my collection of Looney Tunes like stuff. By the way the other one was Super Bunny (Bugs Bunny).
 This one is much more recent and is missing his glowing balls that he tosses. I only discovered that this creature is from the Last Airbender McDonalds line recently. I have not seen this movie, nor have I seen the cartoon (which I hear is much better) nor do I plan to. I got this "Komodo Rhino Launcher" because he looked cool and was able to be put in the 2.99 bag. He currently is aiding Cobra in defending Castle Destro in my G. I. Joe didsplay.
 Last we got a fryguy girl without her head attachment (i believe this one had a sleep mask). I had some of theses as a kid but have no clue if I had her, but she does look familiar. She separates at the legs and all 3 parts can be mixed and matched with the other "Fry Guys".
Well that's it for today, come back tomorrow for even more nostalgia!


  1. I miss the good fast food toys from the 80's. I havent came across any recent ones that are really worth having

  2. Yeah they can be pretty hit or miss. I have a few recent in these, but most are vintage and all are from Goodwill (for the most part.) These days they seem to be the same old thing, back in the 80s we got such a diversity like Muppet Babies or McDonald Land.

  3. The nice thing about these Is how well they display.You can put them practically anywhere.

    1. Yeah,I have a lot of DC ones and can just put them anywhere :)


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