I decided that since I will be doing 31 days anyway in October (and I have some pictures that I decided not to use in the celebration for various reasons, like thinking the Skrulls were not Halloween enough, but some "Aliens" are!) that I might as well just be daily until November 1! That's right! posts everyday!

With that out of the way, lets take a look at some Fantastic Four related characters (the only ones that I have).
 I Knew I had more! Those dastardly Skrulls are always hiding and ruining walks in the cemetery!
 The sculpts for the "Future Foundation" style of the F4 are pretty good, except for one, but I'll get to that in a minute.
Ben does look like he was made of rocks and is "bulkier" and "larger" than the others just like he should be. Reed also looks pretty good and the articulation is what you would expect from the Marvel Universe 3 3/4 line (before it was the Infinite Series I believe)!
 I love the female figures and think my X-Men and Ms. Marvel figures (and Thor's Valkyrie) are great but Susan? Oh Susan, you should have never got a facelift! I just hate this face sculpt and normally I will look the other way, but this was a 3-Pack (they say 4 due to an accessory) and was the second of three paint styles, they should have done her better. This reminds me of that awful Susan from the early 90s ToyBiz Marvel Superheroes line. Wait a minute.... is that the problem? Any line called Marvel something must have an ugly Sue figure? Come on Hasbro not only could you have done better (G. I. Joe females have always looked good and got better in the years), but Sue deserved so much more.
 Now lets take a look at those dastardly skrulls. So, the skrulls have been a huge fave of mine ever since my AOL (America Online) days in the late 90's. I was a member of the FFC (Fantastic Four Club), which was a fan club, and you had to be a FF character. Most were taken so I chose the Skrull species. I even changed my name back in those days to FFCSKRULL! That is what I had as e-mails, etc. I even kept using it up until around mid 2000 and then I used AlexisSkrull for awhile lol.

 The skrull seen below is from the Avengers movie line. Wait the skrulls were in the first movie? I knew they were dastardly but come on show your faces! Kidding as they were NOT in it. Hasbro did what many companies have done and added things to the line that are not in the movie. This skrull is bulky and looks like a normal figure, which is not how skrulls were originally depicted.
 That brings me to the Skrull released in the Marvel Universe line. He is much leaner and so thin that he reminds me of the original skrulls. I have to say that out of the two, this is my favorite!
 Remember when I mentioned that accesory in the FF pack? It was none other than
 I'm going to be honest here and say that I hate it! He rarely stands on his own (it's a miracle that I got him to for the pictures) and when he does he falls after awhile. Also he is part of a 4-pack! Though they were even shadier with the Guardians  pack which had only 2 figures, a Rocket that only the tail moves and a groot that was smaller than a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure, probably the size of a micro machine figure. Actually maybe a little bigger. Herbie can only move his head and that makes keeping him up and posing very hard!
That's it for this article but be here tomorrow to find a cookie tree and some babies that are friends.


  1. I never did get this set. Im still hoping to get a original look set of them someday. Im not missing to many of the Marvel Universe females but I truly wish I had a Sue.

  2. Just checked and turns out there are 4 sets and not 3 like I originally thought lol. 3 are in blue and this one. While not exactly classic, they look close. And yeah don't get me wrong I love my Susan, but I just wish that she looked better.

    1. yeah I haven't really liked any of the sets so far. Im hoping now that Disney and Fox have worked things out we will get a new set.


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