Back in the 80s I played with erasers like they were toys so when I started finding erasers that looked like toys again last year I bit. Here is my modest collection of erasers that I have bought thus far.

It all started with a pony. I bought her at Family Dollar last year because she was the same scale as the blind bag ponies. I used to put her with them, but now she resides with my erasers.
Sorry the picture is blurry.

The next one I got was at Five Below last fall.
By far my favorite thus far. I used to keep him in my TMNT display!
 What is so cool is not just his immense size, but look at that detail!
 It is almost unheard of to see this kind of detail in an eraser!
Right before The Force reawoke, I found these 4 at Target for a buck a piece!
Sadly some came out blurry, but at least the group shots came out well.
The detail on these are decent.
After Christmas at Walgreens I got the next two.
 I am a fan of Charlie Brown and their Christmas special and these erasers being under a buck? Sold!
The last ones I got were recent additions. Truth be told I bought them because of Ghostbusters. it wasn't until recently that it even hit me that I had an eraser collection.
These were bought at Wal-Mart and were in a 4-pack! As you can see I got:
The Ecto- 1
 Stay Puft (Balloon version)
 and the classic symbol.
Well, thats a look at my erasers. I find it funny that I got this collection due to wanting to add them into other collections, just like the erasers that I had as a kid. I remember playing with the eraser dinosaurs just like the toy versions. So it is kind of fitting to have this collection by accident.
And here is a bonus! The way this feels it is hard to tell if its an eraser or pvc (doesn't matter as I will be putting him with my mini pound purries in my vintage display!)
 When I found him at Goodwill,  I thought it was a knockoff.
 Turns out Cooler here was one of many figurines based on the toon!
 What makes it harder to discover if its eraser or pvc is that Tyco made both.
Either way, its pretty cool.
I always wanted figures based on the original toon! 
That's it for now, more articles coming soon.... Including the Imaginext White Ranger!


  1. aS A KID i USED TO HAVE THE lOONEY TOONS eraser set.I could never bring myself to use them as erasers and I would cringe whenever I saw someone else doing It.If I ever get into eraser collecting ,It will only be vintage,even though these newer releases are tempting.

    1. I might seek out some of the vintage, but these were so tempting.


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