So, since I have been speaking so much lately (or will be in scheduled posts), I decided to show off my "Castle Destro" set up! So, this is actually an Imaginext (Fisherprice) castle that I got all the way back in February.  My pal Big Tone is making a different Fisherprice castle into Castle Doom! What is funny is that I started on this months ago before I even saw his site. Great minds.... Also if you stay until the end, you will see a preview of my Collection Room (some changes are still being made).

 Here is a look at the front of the display.
 Here is my Vintage Gold mask Destro (I had this figure as a kid and found him and Sea Slug at Goodwill!)
 Here is movie Baroness, like Destro, she is ready to lead the troops!
 Here is a pic of the inside. (I had to do parts due to a book case being where my back was and could not back-up more.
 A trooper ready to fire.
 The throne room, look at the blueprint :)
 Yet another blueprint?
 Another trooper, this one is ready to fight in his riot gear.
 A Cobra B.A.T. at the entrance and at the other opening? Puma!
 Here is a look at the bottom floor. Sea Slug (who I also had a version of as a kid) is vintage and guarding Shipwreck and close to those komodos! Also some odd creature, created by Mindbender lurks the dungeons.
 A close-up of Sea Slug guarding Shipwreck.
 A Pac-Man game in the basement. Also lots of supply boxes!
 Cobra Commander is to outraged to pay attention to what's going on outside! His Terrordrome came in but is a little.... smaller than he had hoped. How can his armies fit inside?
 Alpine is doing what he does and trying to get to the top!
 Puma is about to be ambushed by Snake-Eyes and Timber!
 Action Man notices the Croc, but Scarlett has not. :O
 An even bigger croc (where he is from will be revealed soon in a Fast Food toys article!) is being fought off by Lady Jaye. Um is that Shipwreck escaping the dungeon right under Sea Slug's nose? Oh oh.
 Here is a better view which also shows Bombstrike and Fury.
 Cobra Shock Trooper in riot gear and two mini Joe figures! (the "generic" Joe is Grunt!)
 Another shot of Destro. I should say that the sword came from one of the recent gold helmeted Destros.
 A close-up of my pettiul attempt at hiding the Imaginext parts.
 Another one, oh and a nice easter egg. Transforms the whole look. ;) Also a Glow in the dark snake from Dollar Tree.
 Here's another from another castle in the universe. ;)
 Another easter egg is powerful.
 Agent Helix is actually a Joe undercover (even though her sleeve has the joe insignia, never understood that decision) so she is just relaxing. While the Iron Grenadier is ready to shoot something? But What?
Oh! The Joe air support!
That's a look at my Castle Destro, which is still a work in progress. Now as I promised:
Just kidding. But seriously:
 I am restructuring it a bit, but will be done by Halloween.
See you guys soon for yet another look at fast food toys.


  1. looks like we have the same collecting tastes (any and everything lol)

    1. lol yeah. Mostly I collect stuff that is from my childhood in some way or I just plain like.

  2. You've got a doppelganger,Brother!It seemed like I was ;looking at pictures of your collection lol!Great stuff there Alexis!Ya gotta love Fisher Price for making these castles.

    1. I will admit that Brother Midnight and I definately have similar tastes. Thank You, yeah this took some time to figure out and now I know what I want to add. Yeah cheap playsets for 3 3/4 figures gotta love them :)

  3. Oh just noticed that my Halloween sign is in the last picture. LOL! One side says Trick Or Treat and the other says Smell My Feet.


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