While I might not be a Batman fan, I did like the animated series. However; I LOVED the spin-off, Batman Beyond. To this day it is number 1 in my top ten DC animated series and  also like number 3 or 4 in my DC media overall (Flash is number one).
 This particular figure is from the Batman Unlimited line and came with a bat capture claw like thing as an accessory. He has pretty good articulation for a toy of today and can bend at the elbows and I believe the knees (I forget and to lazy to check).
 He is all black like he should be so the lack of paint makes sense for a figure like him and there is paint in places where it is needed such as the eyes and symbol.
 Overall, I think they did a great job on a character that is starting to make a come back in the comics (yes they are fixing the Tim took over as Batman crap!)
 Love that head sculpt!
I also have this Batman that looks a lot like Terry. He was in a blind bag from the Mighty Minis line (series 1)
 I also decided to have Batwoman here. She wears a costume that was based off of Terry's costume.
 Her sculpt is good but falls apart :(
 Here they are together.
 Here is one of some of my figures from San Francisco. This is a minimate.
 Here she is without the mask, she also came with a wig to insert and a batarang I believe.
After I sat down to type this article, I realized that I forgot to add in my other Batwoman, a 6 inch figure from DC Direct. That's it for today.


  1. I might pick up the Multiverse version of Batman Beyond.He was just as iconic as any other version of him.

  2. Any version of Terry is great to me ;) I do need to pick up a 6 inch version as my versions are 3 3/4 and 1ish inches. The only time I think bad versions of Terry came out was during the toyline and that is because they came out with weird versions like always, and just a few baddies. Never understood that reasoning.

  3. I used to have a transparent blue version of him, I hope I come across it again someday.

    1. lol, I thnk that was my first one I had as a kid lol. I had a ugly one in SF and wish i had brought it here with me. Oh my gosh! lol I just remembered that I forgot to show one of my Terry's as well, I have the Funk POP one, a friend bought it for me and was the first Terry in my current collection! lol


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