For some reason 8-bit has returned in popularity. Look at toy shelves, Minecraft and its imitators are everywhere. One nice thing is that due to this craze, Jakks Pacific has released 8-bit figures and plush.I collect the 2.5 inch line so thats what I have been hunting down. Earlier this year I purchased and reviewed (on my YouTube) the 8-Bit Mario from Wal-Mart. This time I finally found 8-Bit Link also from Wal-Mart.
 WAl-Mart has the open packages.
 They also have this generic background.
 And here are a few that are available.
 Since there is not much to them, I guess I'll talk about Nintendo. First though, They are static. No articulation whatsoever, which makes sense for these. They also are made of blocks and lines...
And are completely flat on the backside. Again makes complete sense.
 As you might recall from an article I did for the League, I started out with an Atari, but once we got a Nintendo, it all changed.
 I was addicted. I had very few friends and played all the time. I remember my parents getting used games and accessories that I was like wow. I remember that when we got the Nintendo though, they bought not the typical two-pack, but the three pack.The typical 2-pack had Duck Hunt and Mario on one cartridge, but there was a 3-pack that also had an exercise game for that mat thing if I remember correctly. (DID SOME RESEARCH AND MORE DETAILS ON WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT BELOW)
 I loved Super Mario 1, 2, and 3. I also loved Donkey Kong and DK jr.
 I remember playing those all the time, I also played Mega Man, etc but Mario and DK were my favs. I also loved the licensed games as well like G. I. Joe, Star Wars ESB, and DuckTales. I have already said how I have Pac-Man on my X-box 360 in an earlier article, but guess what? I also have the remastered DuckTales :)
I'm not a huge gamer today, but I do enjoy the classics. Heck I never buy games these days but I do plan to purchase the NES 8-bit system this fall.
Back on the topic, So far they have only done 3 molds in the 8-Bit style and countless repaints. I only plan to get 2 or 3 more and then call it quits unless we get more styles.
 The 3 styles are:

  • Super Mario (available in classic, another version of classic that barely looks different, B&W, Modern Colors, and Luigi). There is supposedly a "star powered" version but I do not know for sure.
  • Link (available in classic, red, and White)
  • Donkey Kong
I want DK and Luigi and might get the B&W version which is supposedly meant to represent Game Boy Mario!

UPDATE: So after doing some research I found this on Ebay:
 So the three games were Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet. I played the first two like crazy and played the "activity" one like once lol. The mat was the power pad. Below is the set in package!
So that's a look at the two 8-bit figures that I have thus far (or at least at the time of me writing this article) and some memories that go with them :)  Tomorrow we discuss the Littles!


  1. Wow!I could just imagine being a kid an dripping the wrapping paper to find a NES Power Set!

    1. I thought it was cool, but my parents used the power pad more than me lol, no I used that gun lots lol

  2. Im still trying to find the blasted skull kid to this line

    1. Haven't seen him, but I feel your pain, I only collect the Mario related figures in this line (2.5) and have a hard time finding any. (obviously making an exception for the 8-bits and will for Samus) World Of Nintendo are crazy hard to find!


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