Sunday Storm!

 So on Sunday, heavy thunderstorms hit my area. They weren't as bad as the Wednesday before (their were tornado warnings in effect and the siren went off as well and trust me doing school work in a closet sized bathroom with an angry cat is not fun). However I did decide to shoot videoes and pictures. Because it was dark, its not the greatest until lightning shows but you can hear it and just seeing my reaction is kinda funny. Except for occasional snow, I doubt I will be posting "vlogs" here and unlike my "collector" videoes these are from my main YT account where those videoes are locked, this is also where most of my blog exclusive content will come from. Also don't worry i won't be posting videoes all of the time, that is why I came back to blogger, so I didn't have to but in some cases I will and since this is a sister site to my yt collector's universe, it makes sense to occasionally post those here as well.

Images and Videoes below.

 Anyway, this is the video I shot when I just went outside after closing some windows, taking care of a leak, and making sure nothing got ruined in my collection room AND i was supposed to be doing school work! Images below the videoes!

Here is part 2:
And now for Images!

Sidewalk Flooded! That water is deep enough that up to my ankle was fully submerged!
Raging waterfall. That "Dirt" is actually water and though it does not look it, water was going down the steps like a waterfall! Was kind of cool really!


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