Little Mermaid

 It took me awhile to come up with what I wanted to talk about in my first post and ironically I decided on a book. I say it is ironic because I am not exactly a reader. I enjoy television much better but there are exceptions which I will go into on a later date, but this item is not exactly a book. I know i am rambling and am being confusing ad I apologize but I was so excited to find this and still am, that I wanted to drag it out a bit.

 I grew up with Colorforms and have bee looking for them for awhile now. I know that they are back and I have been tempted to buy the new ones but every time I just shrug. I think it is because even though I have seen these properties in movies and on TV, the current Colorform versions just are meh to me. so when I was at Goodwill sometime back and discovered this: I flipped!
 First of all I never even knew that these existed. I grew up with the boxed playset versions. The ones where you had the colorform background (sometimes 2) and the cling-ons. So i was confused. The only reason it eve registered was because it is Ariel. I am a huge fan of "The Little Mermaid", as you will see as time goes on, and anytime I see something with her I look closer to decide if I want it (due to financial issues or I would buy it all). My first thought after the initial shock was I bet the "stickers are all gone." Nope, Although the "sticker" sheet is long gone, every last one of them is in the book! This is amazing because in my research for colorforms and other things with pieces, finding it complete is not only difficult but nearly impossible at a cheap place like the Goodwill.
 The story was typical for a children's story in the day. Ariel searches for Flounder and runs into everyone. It was cute and because this is colorforms, it is not only interactive (due to the pieces) but short. It is only 3 playsets long (about 6 pages not including the covers.

 They stick perfectly and except for some paint wear on some of them, they look great. The likenesses like always are also great
. The only real gripe is this discoloration on some of them. My only theory is either it is because they are old or because some of them might have gotten wet.
 Nonetheless, I am still excited about this find! I might not have had this particular set as a child, but I could not have asked for a better one to restart my collection with!
 If your lucky enough to find this, I highly recommend it. I have started looking much more closely at Goodwill now. I discover online that there were a lot of these made. Multiple Disney movie licenses, Berenstein Bears, and even Barney the Dinosaur!

 Hopefully one day I can find a set I had as a kid like the original Turtles cartoon set or He-Man. Or one that I didn't have like Dino-Riders or G.I.Joe! They had so many licenses back then so you never know.

 I hope that you enjoyed this post and more are coming. After all the universe is vast and so is my imagination!