I finally found Bandai's "Hatchin' Heroes" line recently. I was looking very forward to it because one of my favorite things I had as a kid was my Meteorb. Unfortunately I do not have one now and do not like taking pics from other sites, so I can't show any but i had Astro Lion. i hope to get him again someday, anyway, I wanted these new figures because they reminded me of the Meteorbs.

 So the premise of these are that they are eggs that then hatch. The transformations are similar but unlike the Meteorbs (which the original version of those were eggs as well but when Mattel purchased the molds they made them meteors) they look more like what they are supposed to be.
 So far I have gotten only two, which is surprising since I like the Finding Dory ones and want more of the dinosaur ones. That and the fact that they are only 5 bucks at Wal-Mart.
 The white one is Baymax from Big Hero Six. What's funny is not only have I not seen it but I just recently discovered its loosely based on a Marvel comic of the same name. Even funnier still? I think I read the first issue back when it came out because it looks familiar (the comic not the movie as the designs of the characters are vastly different).
As you can see Baymax is hollow and his arms, legs and head just slide out.
 Because of this he and the Pteranodon I have from the dinosaur line have minimal articulation.
Others in this line look goofy with the "egg" look but I think it suits Baymax pretty well.
 I put him on my Disney shelf but was tempted to throw him on my Marvel one instead. lol.
The Pteranodon actually looks great as well.

 His legs move up and down, as does his head.
  His wings also open and close all of this because of his "egg" feature but it works well.
His sculpt is pretty impressive to me, it even looks like the wings should with creases in them. Very similar to a bat.
 Just for fun here he is next to a pterodactyl from the Dino-Riders line. So there is a look at "Disney's Hatchin' Heroes" line from Bandai. i highly recommend these, especially if you are a Meteorb fan like myself! I hope to get more in the future.

 My Halloween celebration is coming soon. Expect lots of Halloween articles and memories. I plan to do a few articles for it throughout September and then all October long! I love Halloween and if you saw my house you'd believe me as I already have decorated for it lol.

 Later this week expect even more memories of toys and books and reviews. Plus pictures from Disney and Universal in Florida from the 90's! Much more to come so stay tuned everyone!